Step by Step Merge Request

The first step of coding contribution is to fork cpprb on

The detail steps for fork is described at official document.

After fork cpprb on the web, you can clone repository to your local machine and set original cpprb as “upstream” by

git clone<Your GitLab Account>/cpprb.git
cd cpprb
git remote add upstream

To make “master” branch clean, you need to create new branch before you edit.

git checkout -b <New Branch Name> master

This process is necessay because “master” and other original branches might progress during your working.

From here, you can edit codes and make commit as usual.

After finish your work, you must recheck original cpprb and ensure there is no cnflict.

git pull upstream master
git checkout <Your Branch Name>
git merge master # Fix confliction here!

If everything is fine, you push to your cpprb.

git push origin <Your Branch Name>

Merge request can be created from the web, the detail is described at official document.

There is a good explanation for making good Pull Request (merge request equivalent on